Red Sox Prospect Shoots Himself In The Leg Cleaning His Loaded Gun

Yahoo! – Bryce Brentz cost himself an invitation to major league spring training with the Boston Red Sox, for now, after he accidentally shot himself in the leg cleaning his handgun. An outfield prospect who recently turned 24 years old, Brentz had gotten the attention of manager John Farrell, who says Brentz is a candidate to get called up from Triple-A this season. Shooting yourself has a way of clouding those possibilities. Red Sox camp opens officially tomorrow, but Brentz will start with the minor leaguers once he’s healthy.

Brentz was light on details in a conference call to the media Saturday morning, but Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said Brentz was lucky — relatively speaking — that he wasn’t injured worse. Alex Speier of WEEI, who broke the story, has the quotes:

“He had an accident. He was at home cleaning a gun and accidentally went off. He was injured in the process. Fortunately for him it’s something he’s going to recover from and be fine and won’t affect his baseball career. He wasn’t 100 percent physically able, or wouldn’t be at the beginning of camp. We ended up not bringing him to big league camp because he wouldn’t be able to participate 100 percent.

“He was cleaning a gun and it accidentally went off. The bullet went into his leg and out the other side. I guess you could say he got lucky relative to what happened. I think he understands he got lucky and it’s a serious thing and he has to be careful. He’s here in Fort Myers and he’s recovering and it’s not going to get in the way of his future, but he won’t be in big league camp.”


Its a new year, a new season and the Red Sox are still making non-baseball headlines.  Nothing like shooting yourself in the leg.  I guess no one has learned from Plaxico.  I’m not going to sit and say “Oh guns are bad.  He shouldn’t have owned one and he wouldn’t have been shot.”  That’s obvious.  I really don’t find a need for people to have guns.  I don’t buy the ‘safety from intruders’ line.  No one buys a gun for that.  Everyone just thinks its cool and badass to have a gun and then they use that as the excuse.  Along with the ‘its my second amendment.’  Sure it is.  But the amendments were written in a time where guns were necessary for protection and in order to feed families.  Not the case anymore.  Plus, minorities were shunned and women had no rights.  I don’t see people clammering about keeping those laws.  Why?  Because they’re wrong and not necessary.

But enough of that, let’s get down to business with Bryce here.  Bryce, why were you cleaning a loaded gun?  I mean, I don’t get my college diploma until the spring so technically I’m not a college grad as of yet, but even I know that unloading the gun before doing anything with it other than shooting is the smartest play there is.  Like it goes 1) don’t put electronics in water, and 2) take out all the bullets before cleaning or messing with integrity of a firearm.  I can see why this guy has been in the minors and not the majors, he has absolutely no common sense.  Probably doesn’t realize he has to run to first after hitting the ball.  The Red Sox have a real winner with this one.  Nice pick up, Cherington.  You have a real mess on your hands with this franchise.  Anything less than 100 losses this year has to be a no doubt success.  Enjoy the losing.  And I hope Bryce enjoys the bullet fragments in his leg.

PS, I love that this happened to the Red Sox.  Couldn’t have happened to a better franchise.


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