Condor Has Had Enough Of Working In The Cold And Peaces Out Of The Hockey Arena Early

My first thought is why the hell do you need a live condor at your hockey games?  I realize you’re the ‘Condors’ but shit like this happens when you involved live animals.  He just didn’t give a fuck to be on that cold ice doing whatever the hell you wanted him to do.  Plus homeboy body slamming him to the ice when he first ran off probably didn’t excite him too much.  All the condor wanted to do was find the tunnel and get the hell out of that 58 degree weather and off all that frozen water.  And I can’t blame him for that.  It snowed here on Friday and I still haven’t gone outside since.  That’s 72 straight hours of inside going and I’m not stopping until its warmed up, the snow has melted, or I become thirsty enough for a Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate.

PS, Hockey players may be physically tough but when it comes to giants birds they become giant bitches.  Chill out dudes, you’re suited up head to toe in gear; the condor isn’t getting through any of that to attack you.



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