The Blizzard Is Just Kicking Off And People Are Already Crashing All Over New England

Apparently New Englanders are dumb as shit.  The blizzard hasn’t even started really, basically just a snow storm right now and people are already crashing their asses off.  Come on, people.  I just drove to Dunkin Donuts, to Wal-Mart, and back home with no issue whatsoever.  You kind of have to be a squid to crash right now.  Its simple, you drive at 15-20mph and you keep your eyes on the road.  Case closed.


Route 117 Town of Groton line. Car into a telephone pole, wires down blocking road..



Here’s an iWitness photo of a tractor trailer rollover right now on 84 East at exit 32 in Southington..



Tractor Trailer off road on I-95 South at exits 57- 56 in Guilford..


(h/t Matt)



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