Mike D’Antoni Face Is The Look Of Complete Confusion


This is permanent D’Antoni face.  Mostly because he’s a shit coach and doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Refuses to teach defense strictly because he thinks he can just outscore every team 150-149.  His theory is, “we don’t have to stop them, we just have to run our offense better and score more points.”  Riiiiiiiggghttt.  Every pan of the camera has him looking like a dude trying to learn a new language.  Complete and utter confusion.  Only coach I know that was given the best big man in the game- Dwight Howard, a potential hall of famer big man- Pau Gasol, a hall of fame point guard- Steve Nash, a defensive stopper- Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest, and arguably the the best player in the game- Kobe (and if not the best he’s 2 or 3.  Only ones you could put ahead of him would be LeBron and Durant), and had no idea what to do with any of them.  He at one time benched Pau for Jamison.  Fuckin’ Jamison.  Holy shit, bro.  His style of play is something out of NBA 2K just fast break after fast break.  I honestly have no idea what Buss and Kupchak were thinking when they went after them.  But I’ve already brought that up.

I feel bad for Kobe only because I’m a Kobe fan.  I like his game, he’s motivation, he determination.  I think it’s how every player should play.  However if I were a Lakers fan I’d be going loco right now.  The Lakers should never be this bad.  They shouldn’t be tied to a coach for 3 more years and $12 million more.  They shouldn’t be bent over by a player looking for money, fame and his image.  They should be playing for championships like they have been since I was born.  Phil is no doubt laughing his ass off at his former boss while he’s banging the dude’s daughter.  Phil’s just a boss hog gangsta like that.


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