Air Hostess Politely Gives Her Passengers The Bird, Then Rudely Gets The Pink Slip

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Daily Mail – An air hostess who posted a picture of herself giving her passengers the finger has been sacked by Aeroflot airline bosses in Russia after it ended up on Twitter.

Flight attendant Tatiana Kozlenko put the snap up on her personal page on Vkontakte, one of Russia’s most popular Facebook-style social networks. Within hours the snap – which appears to show the arm of an air hostess giving the finger to an airplane cabin full of passengers – had clocked up dozens of ‘likes’. But the image then went viral after it was posted on Twitter and reTweeted by hundreds of users.

Aeroflot airline bosses soon found out about the photo and fired Ms Kozlenko.

Aeroflot – who announced the sacking on their Twitter account – said: ‘Posting this photo shows Tatiana’s attitude towards passengers and her duties. She acknowledged her fault when she spoke to her managers.’ But Ms Kozlenko claims it isn’t her arm in the snap – or even one of her her airline’s planes. She admitted that she tagged herself in the photo, which doesn’t show anyone’s face – but claims it isn’t her. 

‘I don’t consider myself guilty! The photo was added to my page, I only tagged myself on it!!! The hand isn’t mine, the plane is not my company’s!!! I don’t understand what they spoil my life for!!! I’m asking you for help and support!!’ she said on her Vkontakte page.

All Water Cooler”s readers who work with the general public are going to agree  with me on this one, people suck.  I’ve never had to work with the general public- not like a cashier or a salesperson, or anything of that nature, but I already know that the general public sucks.  They literally have nothing going for them.  They’re all rude.  They all think they’re right.  They all want things done their way.  And they rarely ever are thankful.

Can you imagine being an air hostess?  Horrible.  Kids screaming the entire time.  People refusing to wear their belts.  Dude upfront feels he doesn’t have to turn off his phone and computer.  Chick in the back wants more snacks and another drink.  Businessman in the middle wants to know why he can’t buy booze with cash.  Kids asking for pillows.  It all just annoying.  Too much for me.  I’d have rambled off a slew of swears and ended it with the bird… right in their faces.  So the fact that all Ms Kozlenko did was flip them off behind their backs is something noble of her.

She should be named employee of the year.  Aeroflot should ask her to speak to other employees on how to handle aggression, and how to be the best at what they do.  Give this broad a raise.  Post to your Vkontakte page how proud you are.  Do the right thing, Russia.  Do the right thing.

PS, In case anyone was wondering, yes, I’d bang Tatiana Kozlenko.  She sold me in her air hostess outfit.  Mile High Club member here I come.  No pun intended.



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