The Giants Have Me Crying After Releasing Michael Boley, Chris Canty And Ahmad Bradshaw


I need to vent/cry a little bit.  Yesterday the Giants cleared cap space by releasing Michael Boley.  He was no doubt the best linebacker on a team that sucked at linebacker.  He was their only bright spot at that position.  But at 30-years old and not an elite defensive player, I could see where they’d want to try and get a little younger.  But then news broke today that Chris Canty and Ahmad Bradshaw were also released.  Breaks me down to hear the Bradshaw isn’t a Giant right now.  I know they have Andre Brown and an emerging youngster in David Wilson.  I know Bradshaw is hurt more than he’s not, so I can also see where Bradshaw was expendable and his cap hit wasn’t worth it.  I was thrilled when they re-signed him last offseason.  No one runs harder than Bradshaw.  For his size he was arguably pound for pound the toughest back in the league.  Injuries rarely stopped him and thats what you always ask for of your players.  You want every last bit of effort they have.  And with Bradshaw you knew you were getting everything from him every week.  Even on the weeks he couldn’t player, his intangibles as a leader were off the charts.

His release bothers me more than the others.  While the Giants defensive tackles aren’t ideal, they do have more than enough defensive lineman to run schemes.  So Canty could go if need be.  And I’m confident the linebacker position will get filled.  Best thing I can hope for is that perhaps Boley and Canty sign small, more cap friendly deals and return.  However, I have a feeling Bradshaw is getting a job somewhere else.  His need just isn’t that big.  He’ll get picked up somewhere else.  A 27-year old proven runner won’t go jobless even with his injury risk.  I’ll always be thankful for the 2 Super Bowls that he helped bring the team.  Even if he did almost screw the second one up in Super Bowl XLVI.

PS, News is being speculated that Corey Webster is next.  I won’t mind that release at all.  That guy can’t keep up with a toddler running a streak pattern.


UPDATE: Chris Canty on ESPN New York 98.7 says he has a lot of football left in him. He said he understands it’s a business and is not bitter. “I was a little bit disappointed in what took place, but it’s a business. … I didn’t see it coming.” He also says he doesn’t foresee coming back to NYG for lower rate. He wishes everybody the best at the Giants, but admits he would love an opportunity to play against the Giants.



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