Richard Sherman Asks Bourbon Street Who’s The Best Cornerback In The NFL, Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman?

I’ve had this video buried in my drafts since Saturday.  Totally forgot about it.  Shame on me.  This is reason B why I’m starting to love Richard Sherman. Reason A is his attitude on the field.  I love it.  Love the cockiness.  Love the trash talk.  Love the mental game he plays with wide receivers and quarterbacks.  He truly feels he’s the best out there and for the most part, he’s backed it up quite well.  I can’t believe none of these guys had heard of him.  That’s when you can tell that none of them actually watch the NFL as a whole.  He’s arguably the best corner in the league.  I’m taking him over Revis any day.  Main reason is because of their ages, Revis is 27 and Sherman is 24, and the other is because of their sizes, Revis is 5’11” 198 lbs and Sherman is 6’3″ 195 lbs.

As a Giants fan, I’m calling Seattle and asking them what they want for Sherman.  Short of Eli, JPP, Cruz and Nicks, everyone is on the table.  I’m also handing over any draft pick they want.  Call me nuts and say I’m overreacting, but thats just my feeling.  Webster sucks, Terrell Thomas has been injured 3 years in a row, and Amukamara hasn’t shown too much value to where the Giants drafted him.  I want winners and I want them now.

PS, I love the dude in the Notre Dame sweatshirt and Niners hat.  Dude had no idea Sherman was the guy holding the mic and Sherman just went along with it.

Fan – “Sherman’s too fat and slow. And he’s a punk and he took drugs. He got through on a bullshit appeal.”

Sherman – “Yeah, yeah, it was such bullshit.”

Sherman – “Hi, I’m Richard Sherman. Nice to meet you.”

After that the guy was straight on his nuts apologizing.

PSS, Next best was the guy in the Brady jersey just running through the list of Patriot players every time Sherman would ask if he’d heard of Richard Sherman.  I think the dude was still pissed off that the Seahawks beat the Patriots.  Just a guess though.

Honorable Mention goes to the guy in New Orleans who lied to his wife saying he was at work in North Carolina.  Can’t knock your hustle, boss.  I’d do the same.


One thought on “Richard Sherman Asks Bourbon Street Who’s The Best Cornerback In The NFL, Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman?

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