Plain And Simple, Monopoly Doesn’t Care About My Business

NY Times – Scottie dog has a new nemesis in Monopoly after fans voted in an online contest to add a cat token to the property trading game, replacing the iron, toy maker Hasbro Inc. announced Wednesday.

The results were announced after the shoe, wheelbarrow and iron were neck and neck for elimination in the final hours of voting that sparked passionate efforts by fans to save their favorite tokens, and by businesses eager to capitalize on publicity surrounding pieces that represent their products.

The vote on Facebook closed just before midnight on Tuesday, marking the first time that fans have had a say on which of the eight tokens to add and which one to toss. The pieces identify the players and have changed quite a lot since Parker Brothers bought the game from its original designer in 1935.

Rhode Island-based Hasbro announced the new piece Wednesday morning. Other pieces that contested for a spot on Monopoly included a robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar. Fans from more than 120 countries voted.


There it is, the biggest piece of evidence that I’ll never play Monopoly ever again.  I originally quit because the game was too fucking long.  Anytime you have to leave the game setup for a week on your table in order to finish it is too damn much for me.  I have the attention span for maybe 2-hours, then I’m moving on to something else.  Everything seems to just repeat itself after about an hour to 2-hours.  However, Monopoly and the world just cemented my decision.

I thought I hated people before this, but now I’m certain.  Its an absolute travesty that a cat was voted in as a Monopoly piece over a robot, helicopter or guitar.  I’d even vote the diamond ring in before I voted in a cat.  Hasbro just took their multi-million dollar board game and slashed its value in half by substituting one piece.  Granted the iron had to go, the only people who chose the iron were moms, nannies, maids, and housewives, but to replace it with a fuckin’ feline is atrocious.  I’d keep the iron 7 days a week and twice on the weekends.

I’d rather play with a game piece from another game, preferably a red piece from the game Sorry, than play with a cat game piece.  If anyone buys Monopoly for me as a gift in the coming years beware that I will be melting down the cat piece into whatever I can turn it into.  I’d like to think I could turn it into a golf ball, but it’d probably just turn into a pancake.  But I’m cool with that though.



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