No. 1 Prospect Robert Nkemdiche Commits To Ole Miss; Joining His Older Brother



ESPN Defensive end Robert Nkemdiche, the No. 1 overall recruit in the ESPN 150, kicked off national signing day Wednesday by announcing his intentions to sign with Mississippi. The 6-foot-5, 260-pound Nkemdiche, from Loganville (Ga.) Grayson, made the announcement at a news conference broadcast on ESPNU, choosing the Rebels over LSU and Florida.

Nkemdiche’s choice marks a signature addition to what is shaping up to be one of the top recruiting classes in the country. He had offers from coast to coast and took official visits to Florida, Ole Miss and LSU before deciding to join his brother Denzel Nkemdiche in Oxford. Denzel Nkemdiche, a defensive back, had a breakout season for the Rebels in 2012, leading the team with 82 tackles, including 13 for a loss.

The talk of Ole Miss landing five-star prospect Robert Nkemdiche began almost two years ago when the Rebels signed his brother, then a lightly recruited defensive back in May 2011. After back-to-back 18-sack seasons, Robert emerged as the top prospect in the 2013 class and was coveted by powerhouse programs throughout the country.

Surprisingly, Nkemdiche commited to Clemson during an unofficial visit last June, citing a solid connection with the Tigers’ coaching staff. It was apparent that he was excited about the opportunity to continue playing with close friend and high school teammate David Kamara, who had committed to Clemson while on campus with Nkemdiche the day before.

In July, Nkemdiche visited Ole Miss with Kamara while maintaining it was primarily just to see his brother. He would make two return visits in September to watch the Rebels play, with a visit to Clemson in between. It was during that month that his mother, Beverly, made headlines by stating her displeasure with her son’s actions while she was out of the country.

Nkemdiche publicly acknowledged the ongoing debate with his mother in early October.

“My recruitment is crazy still, and Ole Miss is making a push for me,” Nkemdiche said. “It does not matter to my dad, but my mom wants me to go to Ole Miss and we are still talking about it, so we have not come to an agreement on it yet. It is tugging my heart in two different directions.”


This is why you cant leave sport’s decisions up to women.  Why on God’s green Earth she’d want her son(s) to go to Ole Miss is besides me. They havent been in contention since before segregation. That’s a true fact. ESPNU brought it up before his announcement. Of course the education is probably terrific, but the football team blows. And Robert isnt going there for the education. He’s going there for the football. Plain and simple.

Chicks care about the school’s teachers, their dorming situations, the food their child will be eating, along with its reputation within the community.  Dudes care about the school’s sports programs, the ratio of chicks to dudes, and the ratio of hot chicks to busted chicks.  We also care about the distance to the nearest fast food restaurant and convenience store.  Dudes are simple minded.  Broads over-think things on the regular.  Its a fact.  Google it.

Beverly should have just kept her yapper shut, kept the southern cuisines coming and let Robert go wherever he wanted. Like Clemson, Florida, or LSU. At least those 3 schools win. And by win I’m mostly talking about Florida and LSU. Clemson is alright, but they couldn’t hold the jockstrap for players in the SEC. Except for maybe Ole Miss’ players.

But Ole Miss got their guy, along with another 5-star recruit and over a half dozen 4-stars. And then they celebrated like they’d already won the BCS National Championship. I guess that’s how it goes when you’re 3-9, 8-4, 8-4, 4-7, and 2-10 in your last 5 seasons of play, along with working on your third coach during that timeframe.


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