Kaepernick-ing Baby

Watching Dora The Explorer, Sesame Street, Little Einsteins, Backyardigans, and Handy Manny are old hat. Nowadays its Sportscenter, First Take, NFL Sunday and a little NCAA basketball. Yeah those cartoons may teach morality, counting, respect, and problem solving, but sports will teach your kids how to be a winner, how to show they’re a winner, and how to make mega bucks for themselves and their family. I’m taking sports all day, everyday. And so is this little guy.

Remember the pissed off baby blog from a while back? Well this is him just Kaepernick-ing his ass off in his crib. 5-months old and already such a diehard football fan that he’s re-enacting touchdown celebrations in bed. He spends his time watching all the goods ESPN has to offer. And his eyes stay glued to the screen. He loves it. And why shouldn’t he. Sports make boys into men. Glad to see all the days of watching sports with his old man is paying off. Proud to call him my nephew.


One thought on “Kaepernick-ing Baby

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