Bubble Wrap Breaks The 30-Foot Fall Of A Construction Worker In Boston

ABC News – A construction worker was saved from serious injury or worse Monday morning when he fell 30 feet off a building, but landed on bubble wrap, a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department said.

The 38-year-old worker fell from the building at 1959 Commonwealth Ave., which is under construction with scaffolding wrapped in bubble wrap. The worker fell into a pile of the wrap on the ground.

Boston firefighters said the man was stuck and needed to be cut from the bubble wrap.

The man, who was not identified, suffered back and shoulder injuries and required hospital treatment.

I can almost say with pure certainty that this story made news, not because the bubble wrapped saved him, but purely for the humorous fact that he fell onto bubble wrap. See, bubble wrap isn’t that strong- as you can see with the man still suffered back and shoulder injuries- its just hilariously funny that he managed to land on bubble wrap and not the concrete. At least to me. I can remember around Christmas time, Sandra ordered a snowman jar of some kind filled with hot chocolate for my sister. By the time the box- with bubble wrap- got to the house, the snowman was broken. And that weighed maybe a pound or two, possibly three. A grown man weighs anywhere from 150 pounds to 250 pounds. That’s a lot of snowman jars.

This man probably landed on the wrap, heard “pop, pop, pop, pop,” and thought there goes my body. When in reality it was his body, aaaannnndd the landing pad. His buddies are going to have a field day with this one. I’d wrap all his tools up with bubble wrap for when he got back, I’d bring him a get well card, maybe some candies, and food of his liking while in the hospital, but first I’d wrap it all in bubble wrap. Probably even bring him a roll and wrap all his belongings in the hospital. Can never be too safe. I’d do my best to never let him forget about the time bubble wrap saved his life. And the relationship him and the wrap have going from here on out.



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