Recruit Who Re-Commits To Alabama Has A Little Extra Baggage On His Body This Time

Yahoo! – Ladies and gentlemen, the inevitable has happened: 5-star linebacker Reuben Foster, a former Alabama-turned-Auburn commitment who cemented his pledge to the Tigers with an enormous forearm tattoo of the Auburn logo has changed his mind. Now he’s headed back to the Crimson Tide, Auburn tattoo and all. Reuben Foster has re-committed to Alabama, despite his tattoo of Auburn allegiance.

In an almost surreal Monday night press conference, Foster reversed course and announced his commitment to Alabama, the school he was originally committed to before transferring to Auburn (Ala.) High in Spring 2012.

The move to Auburn High preceded a rather dramatic initial commitment switch from Alabama to Auburn, a move which led to a press conference at Auburn High where Foster showed off a brand-new forearm tattoo of the Auburn logo and held up his daughter, who was wearing an Auburn cheerleader’s outfit.

Now, Foster is claiming that his heart was never far from Alabama, even when he was playing at Auburn and committing to play for the Tigers in college.

“I’ve been loving Alabama since a pup,” Foster told the assembled media at his conference on Monday night. “[I was] raised as an Alabama fan from my mom and my dad.

“I’m super excited. They can put me at that next level so I can take care of my little girl and my family.”

I dont know if you guys know this, but Auburn and Alabama really dont like each other.  Its not like a little hate either.  Not like when youre in school and your 13-year old girlfriend hates the chick in class that sits next to you because she feels thats her way of flirting, even though the seats are assigned by the teacher.  No, this hate is like when youre married and your wife hates your ex who recently tried sleeping with you.  Its that serious.  They even go as far as to poison trees.  You can even see the rivalry on an ESPN E:60 documentary.  This is absolutely no joke.  Well except for the fact that Reuben will now be a Crimson Tide member with an Auburn Tigers tattoo.  His teammates and alumni should love that.  Bet all those oldies are freaking in their wheelchairs and rolling over in their graves.  Hopefully Saban can take him to a top tattoo parlor around campus and get it touched up a bit, maybe get the Alabama elephant over the logo.  He just has to make sure he doesnt pay for the tattoo or have Reuben sell merchandise or autographs for it.  We already know how that turns out.  Alabama doesnt need anymore publicity.  They have enough with this, and the S.W.A.T. S. deer antler spray.


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