Gronkowski Goes Gronking In Vegas

I feel like Gronk is really going out of his way to get me to like him.  He really wants me to know that he’s nothing like all the other Patriots.  He’s not boring.  He doesnt hide from the media.  He’s not short with his answers.  He’s a partying 23-year old who says what he wants, and parties his ass off in any club that he can get into.  Broken bones or not.  An ankle didnt stop him last year and a broken arm didnt stop him this year.  He even went as far as to Jake The Snake DDT his boy on stage.  Its obvious that Gronk does whatever he wants.  His parents couldnt hold him down.  Robert Kraft cant hold him down.  Bill Belidouche cant hold him down.  Tom Brady cant hold him down.  Cant nobody hold him down.  He’s got to keep on movin’.

Cue the “Gronk Being Gronk” rundown!



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