3 Stabbed After Baltimore Raven’s Super Bowl Parade


Fox Baltimore – City Police say a teenager is dead and two other people seriously injured after a stabbing in downtown Baltimore Tuesday. Police say it happened at 1:30 p.m. on Fayette Street during some sort of fight.

The stabbing occurred just after fans were exiting the M&T Bank Stadium for the Super Bowl Champions, The Baltimore Ravens. They say at that point the parade had already concluded.

Police say the victim, a 15 to 16-year-old male, died after he was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital. The two other individuals are said to be around the same age. Police say one is in critical condition and the other is listed in serious condition. They say the victim was found with no identification and they’re still looking into his name.

Police say at this point during the investigation it’s not clear if the stabbing was related to the Super Bowl celebration.


I want to say Im surprised, but we are talking about Baltimore here.  Their crime rates are so outrageous that parade managers were actually looking to hold the parade in another city.  Yeah Baltimore, you suck so much that your team didnt even want to hold the parade in its own city.  Its bad enough your star player has this image,  you guys dont need to be emulating him.  He has enough critics on his plate to deal with.  Coming home for the victory parade only to have 3 fans stabbed there isnt really a good look for the  city, the team, or for him when it comes to the media.  Poor Ray cant distance himself from violence.  Someone is always getting shot or stabbed around him.  Talk about wrong place at the wrong time.



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