We Are Moving… Once Again

It has come to my attention that Water Cooler’s web address is too fuckin’ long. That’d be my bad. Tried getting creative, but its just annoying me now. I cant stand tweeting links and having to type the entire thing. And Ive heard complaints from a certain reader… (cough) PMT (cough). Cant help but agree with him though. Probably the first time in my life. So with that Im giving it a day for all the bookmarked follows to read this and become aware. And for PMT to fix some homepages on a certain number of computers. To the Facebook, Twitter and email followers, you shouldnt be affected. But if you are the new address with be watercoolertalk.wordpress.com until I purchase my own domain in the coming months. Shouldnt be too long. Sorry for the turn around and any confusion. Blogs will still be topnotch though. You can guar an-damn-tee that.

Address will be changed at 12pm eastern time, Tuesday, February 5th.



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