The Best Super Bowl Commercial Happened After The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl commercials this year were absolutely, 100% garbage.  No creative Pepsi or Coke ads.  Doritos sucked.  And E*Trade only put out one baby commercial.  Depressing as fuck.  The best commercial of the night happened after the Super Bowl was already over.  Fuckin’ Jello took home the crown.  100% sarcastic and humorous as fuck.  They made their shot at San Fran, sold their product and then finished it off with a little shot to Baltimore.  I love silent sarcasm.  I love rude sarcasm.  I love all sarcasm.  I dont care about farmers and Dodge Ram trucks.  That commercial took about 15 minutes to try and sell me a God damn truck.  A God damn truck!  Plus no one even farms anymore.  We’re like 50 years from flying saucers and Dodge wants to talk about plowing hayfields and picking crops like this is 1673.  Get out of my face with all of that.

Here’s your second place video..

Would have ran away with #1 if only the director had put the prom queen in the passenger seat as homie was driving away.  Complete game changer right there.  But thats why my creativity shows through Water Cooler and his bombs during a 1 minute clip.  Get your game up, bruh.  Youre selling vehicles that cost as much as $73,000.


One thought on “The Best Super Bowl Commercial Happened After The Super Bowl

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