Skip Bayless Saying The Refs Cheated The 49ers Is Classic Skip Bayless

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Its common for a Niner to come out and say “They didnt beat us.  We gave them that one.” after a loss in a big game.  They did it last year after the NFC Championship game to the Giants, they did it during the regular season in a loss to the Giants, and now Frank Gore has continued the tradition by saying it after their loss last night to the Baltimore Ravens.  Its like every Niner thinks they unbeatable unless they let the other team win.  That theres no possible way to ever lose because theyre just not that good.  However, Frank Gore and his teammates aren’t the only ones who think their 49ers are unbeatable.

Skip got to coming up with excuses after excuses this morning on First Take.  How’d I not know my best friend Skip would take that route.  He threw out there that the blackout was a game-changer that could have embarrassed the NFL if it werent for the refs not doing their job competently.  Basically said that ref choices were controversial and that they were purposely not calling penalties on the Ravens.  Completely started blaming the refs instead of the Niners poor play.  Hey Skip, did you see that at one point they were losing 28-6 in the 3rd quarter?  Pretty sure that wasnt the refs fault.  His main harping point was the Jimmy Smith should have been called for holding or pass interference on the 4th down call in the 4th quarter.  He, however, refused to accept the fact that Michael Crabtree ran a poor route, ran into Jimmy Smith and instigated contact with Smith- even going as far as to shove him in the face mask.  Oh, and that the pass was uncatchable.

Lets say for arguments sake Skip is right and a penalty should have been called.  His next statement was that the Niners score a touchdown there, winning the game. Huh?  Apparently now, Skip can see in the future.  From the 5-yard line San Francisco didnt gain a yard, but now at the 2 1/2-yard line its a guaranteed touchdown and win.  Too bad he doesnt use this skill when making predictions.

But the greatness doesnt end there.  Not with Mr Bayless.  Nope, his next argument was the Ed Reed should have been called for offsides on the 2-point conversion.  Video showed that it was actually pretty close.  Like Stephen A said it was.  I completely agreed with Stephen A on this.  It wasnt some clear cut penalty, it was a judgement and unless theyre going to go to the replay for it, it was a call that could have gone either way.  I had no issue with the no call.  I didnt pick up on it during live play.  Skip’s different though.  He KNOWS it was offsides.  Dont even know why Roger hired back the refs, should have just called Skip for every game.  We probably would have had Dallas, San Fran, the Jets and New England in the Conference Championship games though.  Boring.

I’ll give you this, Skip, Cary Williams could definitely have been ejected.  Im actually glad the ref held back though.  For one, it was the Super Bowl. Emotions were running wild, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Two, there was a lot going on in the scuffle and I truly believe Cary had no idea it was a ref.  Cary soon realized it, as well as the ref, and the ref just kept breaking it up.  It was quickly put out and the game was no more affected by it than it was beforehand.  Exactly how it should be.  Every game has missed calls.  Ive yet to watch one in 25 years that was clean throughout.  They did their jobs, nothing was egregious.  Credit the refs for being headstrong instead of bashing them for something that happens week in and week out- opinionated calls.


One thought on “Skip Bayless Saying The Refs Cheated The 49ers Is Classic Skip Bayless

  1. Absurd. The ref blew at least 5 blatant holding calls on the ravens. kickoff return-tackling
    Walker, 2 holds on the play, an more Obviously Goodell told them to make the ravens win so the double-murderer could go out on top. “Good non-call”…What a stupid statement


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