Numbers Never Lie


Before the game last night, PMT had The Phoenix Open on TV for the last moments of Phil’s victory.  CBS got to talking about how the lowest score in the history of The Phoenix Open for four rounds was 256.  The low score was shot by Mark Calcavecchia in 2001.  The Super Bowl champion that year was the Baltimore Ravens.  Significance?  Phil shot a 256 for this year’s Phoenix Open tying the record and the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl.  We should have known right then and there at 5:45pm that Baltimore had it wrapped up.  Should have just called the bookie, put up the house, the kid’s education, and grandma’s retirement on the bird’s winning it all.  A professional gambler knows this.  But the professional gambler didnt act on his hunch.  Instead he decided to make prop bets and lose them all.  Way to go wearing black instead of gold, Beyonce.  Then you brought out Destiny’s Child instead of Jay.  Disappointing to say the least.  Glad the NFL rigged the coin toss; everyone knows tails never fails.  Then there was the absurd amount of none Har-Bowl talk and Harbaugh talk.  Now to mention I dont even think they dumped Gatorade on John.  How the fuck do you not dump Gatorade?!?!  I had money on a color.  This is what happens to you when you gamble.  One night youre taking in winnings- basking in the glory, and the next youre losing your entire life because of colors, commentator talk, and a flip of the coin.  Looks like I need more practice.



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