Beyonce’s Boobs Are Just Too Boobielicious For Her Dress

Uhh, my morning just got a lot better.  I watched the entire halftime show just for a nip slip and live TV didnt show this.  I dont know whether that was her nipple or the sticky thats supposed to keep her tit attached to the dress, but my imagination is going to believe that its her nipple.  Sorry, Jay, but Ive now seen B’s boob.  And I like it.  Less attention than Janet’s nipple slip, but way, way, way more interesting.  I’d rather watch this Beyonce nip slip over and over again, then YouTube Janet’s and watch hers.  Its the law of the land. The law of hotness.  The hotter you are, the more interesting your sexual slip ups are.  Its like the ass to success ratio.  The bigger a chicks ass the more successful they are.  Look at Destiny’s Child, theyre a perfect example. Beyonce’s ass > Kelly Rowland’s ass> Michelle Williams’ ass = Beyonce’s career > Kelly Rowland’s career > Michelle Williams’ career.  Next time your math teacher tries teaching you greater than, less than, and/or equal to, just pull this bad boy up.  They’ll be blown away with your knowledge of the subject.



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