Red Robin Offers Colin Kaepernick Free Food For Life


Playing for NFL glory and a Super Bowl ring is fine, I guess, but now there are some real stakes on the line for Colin Kaepernick in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback was profiled in The New York Daily News last week and gained some attention for a small section about one of his favorite restaurants.

He lives walking distance from work, and keeps an eye on all aspects of his newfound wealth. When a financial adviser flew in from New York and asked him where he would like to go out to dinner, Kaepnerick chose Red Robin, a favorite haunt of his.

“Frugal might be a generous word for Colin,” [his college head coach Chris] Ault says.

An enterprising soul at the Red Robin corporate offices heard about this and soon a brilliant marketing gimmick was born. The company offered Kaepernick free food for life if he wins on Sunday. The offer was written in an open letter that appeared in the A-section of Thursday’sSan Francisco Chronicle.

CEO Steve Carley wrote that the company is “ecstatic” that Kapernick is a fan and says “there’s been an abundance of bicep kissing and screams of “touchdown!” among our Red Robin Team Members lately.” He then offered the free food, plus a two-for-one burger offer for all customers at San Francisco-area locations if the 49ers win.

The letter concluded:

“No matter the outcome of Sunday’s game, you’ll always occupy the position at Red Robin as one of our most valued patrons. We wish you and your team all the luck in the world, and as one of YOUR biggest fans, we hope you’ll consider our offer.”

A Super Bowl ring might be what 99% of pro football players play for but for the Kaep, its free food for the rest of his life.  This kid is just doing life big time.  He stole Alex Smith’s job like 3 months ago, led the team right to the Super Bowl, upgraded his girlfriend earlier this week, and is now being offered free food at his favorite restaurant for life if he wins the big game.  And this is all within his first year of major playing time.  Talk about falling into luck.

I’d kill to be able to eat at Outback Steakhouse for free for life.  Best believe I’d be there everyday.  Lunch and dinner.  Sandra would have no more home responsibilities.  She’d tell you that theres nothing more she’d rather have than to never have to cook ever again, but we all know thats a lie.  She’d miss the bonded of it.  The asking me everyday what I want for dinner.  The constant response of “I dont know.  Make whatever.”  Its a part of her soul.  What makes her who she is.  A part of her would be missing.  She’d start to become lonely and depressed.  Probably then get a job at Outback just so she could take my order everyday and prepare my meal in the kitchen.



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