“If That’s What You Say, Bruh”

Bruh, what kind of question is “whats that mean? Put it behind you and go ahead and win?”  You cant come at Russ with that kind of nonsense.  Dude just got scolded by his coach for yelling at a teammate for running the wrong play and ruining his scoring chance.  Everybody knows Russ loves to score.  He throws up about 30 shots a game just to score 20 points.  He’s constantly outshooting Kevin Durant and trying to outscore him.  Its like they have a competition for money going.  If you want to ask him questions, ask him how fuckin’ dumb Thabo Sefolosha is for not know the play.  Thats my first question.  Second one is, where do you get your sick ass glasses and shirts from? Third one is, how much do you fuckin’ hate Skip Bayless? Because I know he hates him as much as I do.


One thought on ““If That’s What You Say, Bruh”

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