CM Punk Losing To The Rock Is Worse Than Getting Shot In The Eye


Manolith – Thomas Dotterer got shot point-blank in his right eye during a robbery of the Syracuse liquor store where he has worked for 60-plus years.

He was hospitalized in critical condition and slipped perilously close to death. It’s highly unlikely he’ll ever see out of his right eye again. But 77-year-old Dotterer shrugs it off, since getting shot was just a minor inconvenience compared to the week’s larger tragedy:

“The Rock beat Punk — did you know that?” he said to reporters. “That’s the worst thing that has happened to me all week.”

To quote a favorite chant of wrestling fans: “He’s hardcore! He’s hardcore! He’s hardcore!”

Thats right, folks.  The Rock beat CM Punk.  It was quite a shame I tell you.  Punk easily cuts the best promos in the biz.  One of the best, if not the best Ive ever seen.  Punk makes every show, every Pay Per View, holds the title for 434 days and then loses to Rock who has shown up maybe a dozen times in a year.  And half of those times were the two weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble.  Punk gets no love- no respect.  Then to make matters worse, Cena won the Royal Rumble.  Now its looking like a Cena-Rock rematch at Wrestlemania.  Puke city.  Get out of my face with this nonsense.  The best we can hope for is a Rock-Punk rematch where Punk wins, or perhaps a Punk-Taker match where Punk ends the streak.

Stop playing with us Vince.  He’s, The Best In The World.  Thomas Dotterer knows it.  And he has one eye.  Stop ruining our lives.  You know it was a huge, shitty disappointment when a man gets his eye shot and that happens to be the second worse thing to happen to him that day.  I appreciate my eyes.  I enjoy my 20/20 vision.  But apparently if it means Punk not holding the title, Thomas would rather pirate it and look out his left for the rest of his life.



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