49ers Deny Ever Making “It Gets Better” Video, However The Internet Proves Otherwise

MSN Now – Just two days after Chris Culliver was embroiled in a controversy over homophobic comments he made during a radio interview (he has since apologized), the San Francisco 49ers were again caught up in another controversy, this time a rather bizarre one. Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga were among four 49ers who appeared in an “It Gets Better” video spot last year. Now, Brooks and Sopoaga strangely denied to a reporter that they had appeared in the clip. Then when shown the video, they said they didn’t realize it was to fight bullying against LGBT youth. We’re going to call bullspit on this one, but even more SMH is that the players would deny appearing in a video for which their presence as professional athletes gave its message added heft.


Its one thing to try and deny using steroids or cheating within the game or cheating on your spouse, but its quite another to deny something that is so blatantly easy to prove.  I didnt have to do much research to locate this video.  Simply typed in “49ers it gets better video” in Google.  The very first video was this one on YouTube, the second was the same video on NFL.com.  Then they said they didnt think it was a LGBT video.  Uhh, Donte Wittner literally says “LGBT Community” in the video.  How the fuck were you not aware.  And why would you deny something like that?  Your teammate is getting ripped for his comments, your team comes out and says it doesnt back his comments and that they’re contributors to the LGB movement, and now all you dumb asses hop on and basically go with Culliver’s comments.  Y’all act like you want nothing to do with the gays.

I love the intelligence of athletes nowadays.  Either they’re really fuckin’ stupid or they think we’re all really fuckin’ stupid.  Its basically like dealing with a 5-year-old.  They think they can pull a fast one on all of us, while we all look at them like “you fuckin’ serious, bro?”



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