S.W.A.T.S. Claims ‘Bama Players Bought And Used Deer Antler Spray

ESPN – The company that says it provided deer-antler spray, a product that contains a banned substance, to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis also sold its goods to members of the 2012 national championship Alabama football team, according to a co-owner of the company.

And Christopher Key, the SWATS co-owner, told ESPN’s Joe Schad on Wednesday he personally witnessed about five Alabama players spray what he sold them into their mouths.

“I showed them how to use it,” Key said.

Key said about 20 players purchased the spray at a hotel room in New Orleans leading into the BCS national championship game against LSU. And he said he sold about 20 more bottles to players at the apartment of an Alabama player 10 days before the game.

Sports Illustrated first reported the connection between SWATS, an Alabama-based company, and several SEC programs.

The Sports Illustrated story reported that Key filmed a sales pitch to a number of Alabama players two days before the 2012 title game in New Orleans. The article mentioned former Crimson Tide defensive lineman Quinton Dial and current players Adrian Hubbard and Alex Watkins as being part of the sales pitch.


Deers dont even get this much publicity during hunting season.  Its nuts how much this shit has blown up in one day.  First it started with SWATS claiming they sold product to Ray Lewis and now its led to them saying Alabama players in 2011 also inquired about their product.  This is some serious guerrilla marketing by these guys.  Im starting to think this shit is legit.  Ray Lewis recovered from a triceps tear in like 2 months and Alabama’s football team has been off the charts the last few years.  No team in the NCAA has been able to stop them.  This led me to investigate this “deer antler velvet spray.”

Apparently its an energy booster and allows you to heal quicker than natural.  Boom.  Those two things sold me by themselves.  I need this deer antler shit.  Im constantly tired.  Constantly.  I wake up and Im in zombie mode for hours.  I dont want to move for anything.  Not to eat.  Not to drink.  Not even to take a piss.  Cant even associate with folk until mid-day.  Roughly 3-4pm.  By that point my whole day is gone.  Its not until 8-9pm where Im actually happy.  By then everyone is tired and is getting ready for bed.  If I could get my hands on this joint it could drastically improve my life.  Maybe my mornings are typical mornings.  Maybe Im happy by 11am or 12pm.  Maybe I can get more done throughout my day.  Who knows.

Then theres the dealing process.  No, I dont have any torn muscles, or ligaments, or wounds of that nature. But I do have some shotty lungs.  Maybe deer antler velvet is the cure.  I ingest some of that magical potion and my airways clear up, and my lungs start to look like a marathoner’s.  Perhaps Lance Armstrong’s when he was biking illegally for all those Tour De France titles.  I mean the results are endless.  I might be on the verge of something historical here.  Best believe my physicians will be getting an earful about this.  Might even start some without their consent.  Its not like I have the NFL or NCAA breathing down my back.  Not worried about failing any drug test for IGF-1.  Whatever the fuck that is.  Must be something good though because every major sports league has banned it.  They only ban the good shit.


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