Mom Holds Down Her 3-Year-Old For A Tattoo

Daily Mail – A shocking video emerged Monday that shows a mother holding down her screaming toddler while he is apparently given a tattoo.

The woman was caught on camera restraining her young son while the boy, believed to be three-years-old, screams in agony as the needle is stuck into his arm.

At one point, she is heard saying ‘look, look’ in Spanish as her child tries desperately to escape her clutches.

Footage of the incident, thought to have taken place in Havana, Cuba, was posted online over the weekend, according to the The Sun.


Mira, mira! I dont know what this kid is screaming about. Ive had a whole half sleeve done on my right arm, and part of another on my left arm. Yeah it hurts a bit, but Jesus Christ, I wasnt screaming my bloody head off. Kid’s gonna be the most badass kid in pre-K now. All the chicks are gonna be on his junk. “You see little Enrique over there? He has a tattoo. Yeah, a real one! Not one of those stick on Spiderman joints. I cant wait until lunch time so I can sit next to him and share my juice box and snack pack.”

I didnt get my first tattoo until I was 25. Besides all of my relationships, thats the biggest mistake of my life. Chicks dig tattoos. I dont know why but they do. Tell a chick you’re getting tattooed or that you’ve already been tattooed and they get that look in there eye, the smirk, and all they can muster up is “Mmmm.”

Plus, this kid’s tat is above the elbow so he’s still good for college and job opportunities later on in life.  And lets be realistic, he’s from Cuba, Cubans live life differently. Most likely he’s going to grow up, love the tat, and probably finish off his entire body.  Thats a spanish thing, and no thats not racist.



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