Grade A Prime – LeAnn Rimes


article-2271157-1743A584000005DC-544_306x625 article-2271157-1743A590000005DC-131_306x625



For real though, where did LeAnn Rimes come from with this body? How come no one has spoken of her?! I feel like someone, somewhere should have been like, “hey Brian, did you see LeAnn Rimes? Smokin’ body, bro. Pure Grade A.” But yet that was spoken never. God damn Im loving this shit. Kind of curious as to what that tattoo loves like below her stomach above her adult Toys ‘R’ Us region. And question, are her tits fake? Because in picture 1, 2, and 5 they look perky as shit and fake, but in picture 4 they kind of look like they sag like real boobs. Just slightly. Im intrigued by this. If anyone knows the answer, let me know. I dont want to be driving myself crazy about this, because I will.



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