5-Year-Old Storms The Court… Halfway Through The Second Half

USA Today – The court storming continues during this upset-dominated college basketball season. Only on Wednesday, it wasn’t an upset that sparked any court storming. Actually, the game wasn’t even close to being over.

In a down-to-the-wire Big 12 matchup in which Oklahoma survived Baylor 74-71, viewers witnessed a bizarre moment when a Baylor fan ran on the court too early.

With 8:41 remaining in the second half, a young child ran out on the court as Baylor’s Pierre Jackson was advancing the ball up the court. Officials immediately stopped the game. A man who looked to be the kid’s dad ran after him and brought him back to their seats.


Parents are just getting shittier and shittier.  As if MTV’s Teen Mom didnt prove enough already we have video evidence now at sporting events.  First it was the shitty Run DMC Dancing Kid and now somehow a 5-year-old escaped the non-watchful eye of his parents to storm the court.  We need testing and licensing in order to procreate.  Too many non-sensical folk are just freely banging and creating individuals.  Individuals that are just taking over the world like they own it.  I for one cant take it anymore.  Pregnant women are hideous. Kids past a certain age- like 6 piss me off.  Im fully against allowing pregos and children 6-14 being prevalent within the community.  They need to be shipped off to their own village or island during this stage.  Only after may they come back and join the herd.



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