Skip Bayless Thinking Michael Irvin Is The Greatest Wide Receiver Is Just Another Example Of The Crazy Lunatic Persona That I’ve Grown To Hate

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This is the shit that I have to deal with on a day to day basic from Skip Bayless.  I try each and everyday to watch First Take, and each and everyday he doesnt disappoint.  The dude has an excuse for everything.  Dont dare try proving him wrong because he’ll make it seem like it was Jesus Christ’s fault for giving the other guy more talent.  And he’ll try his hardest of hard to prove so.  He’ll sit and tell you that Tim Tebow deserves to play in Denver more than Peyton Manning.  That Tim Tebow is one of the 32 best quarterbacks in the league.  That its not his fault he cant throw a pass to save his life, its the coordinator’s and coaches faults for not revolving the offense around the fact that all he can do is run.  He’ll tell you that everyone hates Tim Tebow and has it out for him and thats why he doesnt have a starting gig.  Its nauseating.

Then he comes on today and says that Michael Irvin is the greatest wide receiver of all-time.  Now I had a hard time accepting the fact that Randy Moss said this yesterday, but even I feel that Moss is better than Irvin.  I dont even think Irvin is in the top 5, and that has nothing to do with being a Giants fan.  However, Skip’s decision has everything to do with the fact that he worked for Dallas and is completely on Dallas’ nuts when it comes to debating anything about them.  He’ll tell you Jerry is doing everything right and that they’re still America’s team.  He’ll say how they’re “this” close to winning it all.  How they got jipped by New York last year, and Washington this year.  He’ll say Jason Garrett is the coach of the future, and Romo is every bit as good as anyone else.  All things that a normal, right-minded NFL fan can tell you are incorrect.

In 1995 Jerry Rice had a season with 122 catches, 1848 yards and 15 TDs.  In Rice’s third season he had 65 catches for 1,078 and 22 TDs.  That was his third lowest output of catches besides his rookie year, and the following year- 1988.  From 1989-1996 he never had less that 80 catches, 1,200 yards and 8 TDs.  During this span is averages were 98.25 catches for 1,437 yards and 13.125 TDs.  Thats a career year for 90 percent of wide receivers, and that was just an average for Rice during his prime.  Realistically you could add 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988 and his numbers wouldnt change that much.  Here’s a look: 87.5 catches for 1,364.75 yards and 12.833 TDs.

Randy Moss only went over 100 catches twice in his career, Rice nearly averaged that for 8 years.  It wasnt until Rice’s injury in 1997 that his stats took a decline but that was also when his career was dwindling down.  He, however, still managed 70.29 catches for 920 yards and 6 TDs from 1998-2004.  That was while playing a majority for the Oakland Raiders, and one season where he split with the Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks- who were a laughing stock at that time.  This was a time that the Seahawks were playing hot potato with quarterbacks, bouncing back and forth between Matt Hasselbeck and Trent Dilfer.  Fuckin’ Trent Dilfer.  God damn.

Then theres Michael Irvin.  Michael went over 100 catches once in his 12-year career.  Once.  He also had double digit touchdowns only once.  Rice did it 9 times, and twice finished with 9 TDs.  Besides his 111 catch season in 1995, Irvin’s other high reception years were 1991- 93 catches, 1993- 88 catches, 1994- 79 catches, and 1992- 78 catches.  And during this time he had a quarterback that could get it done just like anyone else- Troy Aikman.

I find it laughable that Skip would even bring this up.  Jesus, I’d have more respect for him if he would have said T.O.  At least then I could understand his argument.  I have him as being a close number 2 behind Moss.  You can argue the greatest at any position in football, and any argument could have a gripe.  But theres one position that stands out alone, and theres no doubt about it- Jerry Rice is the greatest wide receiver to ever run a route and catch a ball.  The stats prove it.  The work ethic proves it.  And his relationship with all his teammates and coaches prove it.  Re-evaluate yourself, Skip.  And please, please, please send me an invite to debate you on First Take.  I’d like nothing more than to show you up on live TV.


2 thoughts on “Skip Bayless Thinking Michael Irvin Is The Greatest Wide Receiver Is Just Another Example Of The Crazy Lunatic Persona That I’ve Grown To Hate

  1. Maybe you’ll never see this but here goes…

    I’m a Giants fan. I can’t stand Skip Bayless. Michael Irvin is not better then Jerry Rice

    However, what Michael Irvin was able to do while playing for such a run oriented team like those Cowboys is amazing. Troy Aikman was a very good QB, no doubt. It doesn’t change the fact that the Cowboys game plan was get the lead and then feed the ball to Emmitt. From ’91 – ’95 Emmitt led the NFL 3 times in rushing attempts and was 2nd another year. It’s hard to get those receptions, yards and TD’s when you’re playing in that kind of offense. You have to go back to someone like Paul Warfield to find a big name, hall of fame receiver that was more hampered by his teams style of play then Michael Irvin.

    I happen to agree with you that Irvin is not top 5, although I do think he’s top 10. Perhaps for a while he was overrated but things have gone 180 degrees and now people tend to underrate him. Great, great receiver

    • As a Giants fan as well, I saw a lot of Irvin growing up. He was a great receiver, that’s for sure. And his career was cut short unfortunately. I just never, and will never, think of him as top 3 or 5. Maybe top 10.


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