So You Say A-Rod Allegedly Took Steroids In 2012? … Damn, MLB Is Doing A Hell Of A Job Getting Rid Of Steroids


Yahoo! Sports – A man in south Florida supplied performance-enhancing drugs to more than half a dozen major league players, including Alex Rodriguez, according to a Miami New Times report that officials at Major League Baseball believe will grow into a doping scandal that could rival the BALCO case that tarnished Barry Bonds.

 The newspaper reported Tuesday morning that Anthony Bosch, a self-styled biochemist seen frequently in Latin American baseball circles, distributed large amounts of human growth hormone, synthetic testosterone and other cocktails of PEDs to players who previously had not been linked, such as Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz.

The records of players’ use, given to the New Times by a former employee at Bosch’s Biogenesis clinic, are especially detailed in the cases of Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera. Rodriguez, referred to as “Alex Rodriguez,” “Alex Rod” or “Cacique,” received HGH, testosterone cream and insulin-like growth factor, all banned under MLB’s PED policy. He also was given “troches,” a lozenge that has 15 percent testosterone, and other types of growth hormone, according to the report. Rodriguez’s account was “paid through April 30th” of 2012, according to the records.

Cruz, the slugging outfielder whom Bosch nicknamed “Mohamad,” gave Bosch $4,000 in July 2012, the records said, for a regimen that included “troches.”

The report also links Washington Nationals left-hander Gio Gonzalez to Bosch, though the five mentions of him in the records are less specific. While they include a $1,000 charge, Gonzalez’s father, Max, said he was the one working with Bosch to lose weight.

Florida state and federal authorities have amped up their inquiries into Bosch in recent months, the league official said, as he operated a number of clinics that catered to athletes as well as the growing group that seeks HGH and testosterone as anti-aging treatments.

Pedro Bosch, a doctor who has worked in Florida for more than 35 years and is Anthony’s father, supplied the fertility-drug prescription to Manny Ramirez that prompted his first PED suspension in 2009.

While the Drug Enforcement Agency looked into the Bosches supplying the players, it chose not to pursue a case, according to


Players are still taking steroids, you say?  Even after all the testing changes and ridicule towards star athletes and hall of famers?  Hmmm.  Who would have known, baseball?  This is what happens when you allow and reward a behavior for years before you decide that its deemed illegal because the government finally caught on.  No one who follows sports, especially baseball, is surprised to hear this story.  And no one is surprised that A-Rod allegedly got caught using again.  Once you cheat, you’ll cheat again.  Especially if need be.

A-Rod was caught up in injuries and a slump all year last year.  The media was bearing down on him about how much he’d declined.  Girardi benched him in the playoffs due to his low output.  BENCHED.  A player getting paid over $25 million a year got benched for shitty play.  And it all happened while taking steroids.  Which makes me happy as hell to hear.  Not because I dont like A-Rod.  I really dont mind him.  I hate the idea that gets thrown around that steroids “make” players better.  Yeah they make you bigger and stronger.  But its not going to turn you from some AA star into a Hall of Famer.  Not ever.

Players like Yasmani Grandal, Freddy Galvis, Marlon Byrd, Guillermo Mota and Carlos Ruiz are far from standout all-stars and future Hall of Famers.  Yet they were all caught using PED’s and/or steroids in 2012.  Bonds and Clemens were Hall of Famers well before they were allegedly taking steroids.  Stop punishing the players for something the league was fine with for years.  Something that made the league relevant again.  Something that almost the entire league was doing.

If athletes want to ruin their bodies by taking foreign substances, and horse hormones and all this other junk that they believe will help out, then so be it.  We as fans purchase tickets and tune into games for the entertainment purpose, not for the moral value.  If you’re upset that these athletes aren’t role models for your children then you’re doing something wrong as a parent.  Athletes shouldnt be role models for your children, thats your job.  You’re supposed to teach them right and wrong. You’re supposed to be their moral compass. Not Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants, or Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. They’re not raising your children.


One thought on “So You Say A-Rod Allegedly Took Steroids In 2012? … Damn, MLB Is Doing A Hell Of A Job Getting Rid Of Steroids

  1. I find it hilarious that he’s denying this. A statement released through his agent said “Alex Rodriguez was not a patient of the doctor associated with these deliveries.”

    Well yeah, the original story even said the players use assumed names and nicknames. I mean, Im not sure how much ARod thinks we’re schumucks but “Popcorn Centaur” isn’t a really good assumed name.


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