Randy Moss Says He Is “The Greatest All-Time Wide Receiver”

NFL: Super Bowl XLVII-San Francisco 49ers Media Day

11:42 – 49ers wide receivers, Randy Moss had this to say, according to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald: “I do think I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game.” So there’s that. Your move, Jerry Rice.

11:58 – Jerry Rice has already responded to Randy Moss’ claims that the current 49ers it the greatest wide receiver to play the game. “Put my numbers up against his numbers,” Rice said, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Rice is right. He’s the greatest, but it’s always fun when players have confidence in their skills.

Good one, Randy.  You had the ability to become the greatest of all-time.  Your skill and size alone allowed it.  But your head got in the way.  Jerry never cried his way through 5 organizations, and 6 different trades/signings.  He just got the job done in San Fran and moved onto Denver, Oakland and Seattle when his career wound down.  Which is the only blemish on his career.  The fact that he extended it past San Fran when he should have just hung it up.  But Im not Jerry so if he wanted to keep playing who am I to say he shouldnt have.  Its amazing that Randy has done what hes done considering the headaches he caused in Minnesota and that lack of stats he put up in Oakland.  That alone shows just how truly gifted he is and was.  Lets forget about being the greatest wide receiver of all-time, Randy has competition with another head case, Terrell Owens, as the second greatest receiver of all-time. T.O. performed on every team he was on. He never had off years, even when he took his talents to Buffalo- which can be argued was his worst year.

Terrell Owens:

Games                          Rec                      Rec Yards              Per Rec Avg          Gm Avg          Long Rec             TDs

219 1,078 15,934 14.8 72.8 98 153


Randy Moss:

Games                          Rec                  Rec Yards              Per Rec Avg          Gm Avg            Long Rec             TDs

218 982 15,292 15.6 70.1 82 156


Looks like Randy isn’t even the second greatest.


One thought on “Randy Moss Says He Is “The Greatest All-Time Wide Receiver”

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