The Boston Celtics Pump In Fake Crowd Noise Because Their Fans Are Too Fake To Cheer For Real


CBS Boston – The Celtics lost again on Thursday night, dropping their fifth straight 89-86 to the New York Knicks.

But the story Friday morning wasn’t about another Celtics loss.

TNT’s Marv Albert had the call of the game with Steve Kerr, and raised suspicions that the Celtics pump in fake crowd noise during games. At one point following a Paul Pierce basket, Albert asked Kerr, “You hear it? You see that’s not the real crowd, it’s part of the crowd. That is awful.”

But Albert didn’t stop there, joking that the Celtics also had a laugh track. At another point in the game, the crowd erupted after a great play and Albert joked that the cheers were really the crowd.

The Celtics refuted Albert’s claims Thursday night on Twitter:


Boom, you die for a few days of fevers and over-exhaustion and then Baby Jesus brings you a gem like this. Thank you, Baby Jesus. I knew you were looking out for me. Marv Albert and Steve Kerr roasting the shit out of Boston. Marv knew that the Boston faithful weren’t that loud. He knew that were over-exaggerating their fan base. There’s nothing more that I would rather hear than that the Celtics are sucking so bad that their fans are quiet as shit and they’re forced to pump in fake crowd noise. Not only are their fans fake, but their crowd noise is also fake. Just New England being New England.

PS, Felger and Mazz are having a day with this fake crowd noise today. I hate New England but I love these guys.


One thought on “The Boston Celtics Pump In Fake Crowd Noise Because Their Fans Are Too Fake To Cheer For Real

  1. Not true. I’ve been to over a hundred games at the TD Garden and that’s just not the case. No one has ever made this accusation before this game. Marv Albert needs to stick to what he knows best… cross dressing and sodomy.


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