Is This… Something That Should Be In One’s Vanilla Pudding?


Does this look like something that should be in your vanilla pudding? Because this is what I almost ate/sliced my tongue up on. Apparently while making the pudding my chef- (Sandra), was opening a canister and didn’t realize that the little open piece fell into the bowl. She just whisked it up into the mix and put it into the fridge like it was nada. Here I am about to munch down and my spoon hits this. At first I thought it may have been a frozen piece of pudding- our fridge likes to freeze things if they get too far back in the fridge, so I started smashing at it with my spoon. Once it wasn’t going away I became suspicious, kicked in my spidey senses real quick. I scooped it out, placed it on the container’s lid and wiped off the pudding. To my amazement this is what I came across. Motherfucker. Cant get away from hair, and now I cant get away from plastic pieces. Im not even safe in my own household. They’re all out to get me.



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