Have You Ever Wanted To Smash Someone With An Industrial Hammer For Touching Your Belongings?

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Daily Mail – A newlywed who killed his wife after strangling her and beating her around the head with an industrial hammer in a row over decorating, has been jailed for just seven and a half years.

Thomas Crompton, 39, was found guilty of manslaughter after he brutally killed his 34-year-old wife of three months, Angela, on June 11. His wife’s family, who have asked for her to be referred to as Angela Phillips, have blasted the length of sentence saying he will be walking the streets again in just three years.

The argument began because Ms Phillips had cleared Crompton’s belongings away ready to decorate their house at Arminghall, near Norwich. When metal sculptor Crompton got home from work he ‘lost it’ because he was concerned his items could have be damaged. A blazing row broke out and witnesses could hear crockery being smashed.

Father-of-two Crompton attempted to strangle his wife before attacking her with the hammer, hitting her around the head a number of times. When he returned to the workshop he confessed what he had done to his co-worker Bjorn Fiskvatn, and said: ‘That’s it. I’ve killed her.’ Mr Fiskvatn rushed to the house and found Ms Phillips on the floor of the dining room, where she was still breathing.

The mother-of-three young children was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital before being moved to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, but died two days later from her head injuries. A post mortem found Angela had suffered significant brain damage and ‘non-survivable’ head injuries.


In a weird sadistic kind of way I understand where Thomas was coming from. Im constantly telling Sandra to not touch my things. She however cant stop from touching my mail and misplacing it wherever she’d like. Then there’s the times where she’ll pick up my keys, a shirt, a prescription or anything else of significants and when I go to find it- where I left it, its no where to be found. Then she’ll get to saying “I don’t know where it is. I cant remember.” Thats where I lose my shit. I just start ranting and raving, freaking the fuck out. At that point in time an industrial hammer sounds perfect. Not because I want to smash her skull in, thats just inhumane. No, I want to go around smashing everything in sight. Completely rip apart the whole house.

Thomas is a little different. He cant control his emotions as well. Instead of destroying the house and pissing his wife off- like he should have, he decided to smash her face in. To each their own I guess. Now he’s going to serve 7-years behind bars because of his choice. Where as I usually have to serve 7-hours. 7-hours of listening to Sandra cuss my ass out for being lazy and immature for leaving my belongings out and about. Thomas murdered a chick and he’s still getting off easier than me.





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