For The Thousands In Attendance, For The Millions Watching At Home… Let’s Get Ready To… Rank DX’s Top 5 Moments

So I’ve been sick as a dog these last few days and decided to hit up Netflix for some entertainment for the sporadic hours where I was awake. I got to watching WWE’s “The New and Improved DX’ and “D-Generation X One Last Stand.” It brought back a crazy, enjoyable time for me. What it was like to be a kid watching wrestling in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It hit an all-time high at that time. And one of the major reasons was because of D-Generation X.

D-Generation X is without question the most exciting, most entertaining group to ever grace pro wrestling or sports entertainment- whichever you consider it. They were what everyone wanted to be. They followed no rules, they did whatever they wanted, and they humiliated their bosses over and over again. They were fan favorites in every way possible. And 15 years later fans still clammer for them. Their memorabilia still sells, and their entrance theme is one of the most memorable of all-time.

I was a huge DX fan growing up and I wasn’t even fully aware of their “Suck It” slogan. I was too young- like 10 or 11 at the time. But that didn’t stop me from going around X-ing everyone. Throwing up crotch shots whenever, wherever. That was the thing in school. One of your friends talked shit, you X’ed the shit out of them and yelled suck it. It wasn’t until I fully understood their humor, their jokes, and the X-ing that it became ten times better.

After watching both videos I began thinking and putting together a list of DX’s greatest moments… In my opinion. Moments that made me laugh, and moments that helped revolutionize the wrestling/sports entertainment world. Here are the Top 5 D-Generation X Moments:


5. DX’s Election Speech


4. DX Impersonates The Nation Of Domination


3. DX Has A Present For Vince McMahon


2. DX Impersonates Vince and Shane McMahon (I apology for the shitty videos, they were the only ones YouTube had)


1. DX Invades WCW


And if you’re not down with these, I have two words for ya…



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