Bobby V. Gets His 2013 Bentley Carjacked At Gunpoint

Straight From The A – R&B singer Bobby V. (formerly known as Bobby Valentino) was carjacked by gunpoint in Midtown Atlanta Tuesday night (January 22, 2013).

Robert Unrico McFarland, 18, was arrested Tuesday evening shortly after the carjacking.

Police said he was one of two armed robbers who approached singer Bobby V. (real name Robert Wilson) — after he parked a red 2013 Bentley in a lot outside the Hot Beats Recording Studio at 1200 Spring Street Tuesday night.

Wilson complied with the men and they drove away in the car.

According to police spokesman Greg Lyon, an off-duty lieutenant heard a call over police radio about the incident and found the luxury car abandoned at the nearby Arts Center MARTA station.

Witnesses identified McFarland as a suspect and he was taken into custody. He faces several charges including aggravated assault, armed robbery, hijacking a motor vehicle, and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.

Fortunately for the singer, authorities were able to recover his red 2013 Bentley shortly after the incident.

I never understood why people carjacked other people. They know the cars are registered and insured in someone’s name, right? Its not like Robert was going to being able to own the Bentley now. Its not like stealing someone’s cell phone or a 20 spot. You’re going to get caught carjacking someone. And best case scenario is you take it to a chop shop and receive a minuscule amount of money for said car. Its almost not even worth all the effort of stealing. If Im stealing a 2013 Bentley I want to be able to own the Bentley afterwards. I want to be able to drive it around, show it off to all the broads, and have all of them wet as shit wondering what I do for a living and how much money I have.

Criminals these days have no thought process. You have to be smart, guys. Play the results in your head. And you cant be carjacking people with witnesses around, or abandoning the car with witnesses around. Thats a sure fire way of getting caught. Its like I tell the members of my household every time they “borrow” my lighter, shampoo, or body wash; If you’re going to do it at least replace it the same way you found it. Otherwise Im going to notice and you’re going to get chewed out. Don’t be a stupid criminal.

PS, I love the media’s reaction to this. Big time developing story. Millionaire gets his carjacked… boo hoo. Like they really thought someone was going to be able to get away with pushing a Bentley around without getting busted with it. Thats why we have news stations. Always bringing us the latest and most significant breaking news. And don’t worry, this is a story they’ll continue to be working on throughout the day.


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