In Case Anyone Had Been Wondering, Researchers Say That Condoms Don’t Take Away From The Arousing And Pleasurable Part Of Sex


Daily Mail – Men and women enjoy sex just as much with condoms as they do without, according to a study.

Researchers reviewing an online questionnaire of the sex habits of men and women from 18-59, found participants consistently rated safe sex as ‘highly arousing and pleasurable’ – the same score as unprotected sex.

Dr Debby Herbenick, from the School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University, who led the study said: ‘This may be because men are more likely than women to purchase condoms and to apply condoms. ‘However, it’s important for more women to become familiar with the condoms they use with their partner so that they can make choices that enhance the safety and pleasure of their sexual experiences.’

The nationwide American study found that men did not find it difficult to maintain erections when putting on condoms. The research also found that many women could not tell if the condom was lubricated or not.

Dr Herbenick said the study will help target health messages in the fight against sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and unintended pregnancies.


Researchers just being researchers. A few days ago they announced the Top 50 things Women Love, now they go out of their way to let us know that condoms don’t inhibit sexual feeling for both men and women. Thanks guys. What would we do without you. Probably keep having sex with our significant others, and randos, while not wearing condoms- as long as they’re on the pill though. Thats how our generation thinks. Its not that condoms are pricey, but they can be if you like to get in on frequently. Then its the whole act of opening and putting it on.. fuckin’ too much. I hate effort. Let a chick tell me she’s on the pill and I’m good.

But what about diseases you ask? Well a condom isn’t going to protect against AIDS, thats a fact. Something about the holes in a condom, and the virus being small enough to fit through. Something like that. Anyways, I’m not going around banging everything thats walking. I make sure I know the chick, know people who have been there. Its like going on a vacation- you ask around first. You hear a buddy’s buddy went to California so you ask, “how’d he like it? I was thinking about heading out there with the family during the winter.” You don’t just go. Thats how I treat chicks. I ask around without blatantly asking around. Thats my condom. Thats every guys condom.

Of course you have the dudes who are scared and have a condom every time, I know a few. They’re mostly scared of pregnancy. And life sucks for them. Guys are blowing  $2-$3 on a pack of 3. You decide to get rowdy twice in a night, maybe another in the morning and bam, there goes all 3. Now you have to run back out to the store or you cant have sex again. Now mix that into a relationship and you’re literally paying for sex. Your girlfriend might as well be your hooker. Meanwhile I’m doing whatever, whenever I want. Free of charge. All that I require is that she goes to the doctors for her regularly scheduled appointments, fills her script every month, and pops that little miracle pill once a day at the scheduled time. Bitches that miss that shit, piss me off.



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