Has The Kardashian Clan Done It Again? Rumors Go Abound That Kylie Jenner Is Dating Justin Bieber



Huff Post – The 18-year-old pop star finally ended things with Selena Gomez just before the new year, and now he’s rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner. The pair have known each other for a while and Jenner’s sister Kendall is also rumored to be dating Bieber’s pal Lil Twist, but are they more than friends?

Rumors the two are dating started after the 15-year-old reality TV star posted a photo of herself and Bieber holding hands to her new Instagram account “Iputthedistrictonmyback.” The photo was later deleted, but conversation between Jenner and what appears to be Bieber’s secret Instagram account suggests that the pair kiss.

It’s still unclear if the Instagram accounts belong to both Bieber and Jenner, and requests for comment to both of their reps have not been returned at this time.


Have the Kardashinan’s done it again, or have the Kardashian’s done it again?! That Kris Jenner is one media hungry bitch. First she goes after Olympic hero, Bruce Jenner; then she gets her kids to agree to let her be manager of their careers; then she gets Kim to do a porn with Ray J- then date Reggie Bush afterwards; has Khloe marrying a Laker, Lamar Odom; finagles Kim into marring and divorcing Kris Humphries for media pub and money, only to have her date Kanye West now; and then finishes off the Mama Pimp Sunday with having her youngest daughters date Lil Twist and Justin Bieber. This broad knows show business.

I really hope this rumor is true. I absolutely hate the Kardashian family, short of the daughters being gorgeous- besides Khloe, there’s nothing special about them. Its all Kris marketing off their good looks. But I’ll never hate on that. More people should market off looks and quit being so insensitive. We have enough of that going around. This could be another Catfish story where some fat old 45-year old is in his basement photoshopping pics to upload to Instagram so he can Catfish the entire country, or this could just be Kris Jenner in her office spicing up her latest and greatest creation. I like to believe its the latter.



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