D.C. High School Basketball Star Pulls An Almonte And Pretends He’s 18… When He’s Really 21

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Daily Mail – A towering high school basketball star dominating the court in the nation’s capital has much more than a height advantage, a startling new report has revealed.

Junior Etou, who is originally from the Congo, is the talk of the town in Washington, DC, where he plays power forward for the Bishop O’Connell High School Knights. But the 6’7″ high school senior, who has drawn interest from several colleges with storied basketball programs, is almost legally allowed to drink.

An investigation by Deadspin.com found several different birthdays listed for Etou, both in 1992, which means he is just months away from his 21st birthday. The site reported that Etou, whose full name is Luc Tselan Tsiene Etou, has appeared on rosters for three Congo-based teams, which list his birthday as being either June 4, 1992 or April 6, 1992. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the sport’s governing body outside of the U.S., told Deadspin that they have Etou’s birthday as June 4, 1992.

At 20, Etou is not eligible to play high school basketball – and is as much as six years older than some of his current competitors. League rules state that a player cannot be older than 18 when going into his or her senior year. It would also make Etou older than nine first round NBA draftees, who each have at least one year of college under their belts. But as far as Bishop O’Connell is concerned, Etou has every right to be on their court.

Katy Prebble, the school’s president, told Deadspin: ‘The school has the documentation, including his passport, verifying the age of Junior Etou to be 18.’


Deadspin is on fire lately. First they break the Manti Te’o story, now the break that this “18-year-old” is actually 21-years-old. I thought this was just a baseball thing where all the foreign spanish players lied about their age. Where the 30-year-olds say they’re 14 so they can play little league baseball. I guess when you come from countries where dirt is the main delicacy you fake it ’til you make it. I can’t hate on their determination. 21 pretending you’re 18 isn’t that bad. I could probably get away with this right now too and I’m 25. Give me the opportunity to head back to high school where I could play on the golf team and I’d be all over that shit. Sad part is I’d probably go all 4-years, then redo college, complete that and still no one would realize that I’m 10-years older than I’m supposed to be. I’m telling you looking young is only cool when you’re like 35 or older. When you’re 25 and you could pull off being 15, your life hits an all-time low. My insides get older, my exterior gets younger. I’m the true life Benjamin Button. I’m living a backwards life indeed.





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