Chicks Being Chicks… 2 Strippers Brawl Over Who Gets To Keep A Dollar Bill

Daily Mail – Two dancers at an exotic club in Wisconsin have been cited after they allegedly brawled over a dollar bill.

Dodge County deputies say they were called to Silk Exotic in Juneau last week to break up a fight. They say it started when a customer tried to give a dollar to one of the dancers but the other dancer took it.

The sheriff’s report says the two dancers, age 19 and 23, then started to fight on stage. They tussled on the floor, punching, slapping and pulling each other’s hair. Other dancers and customers separated the two. A Post-Crescent of Appleton report says one of the women is pregnant.

Both women were cited for disorderly conduct, which carries a $250 fine. Neither required any medical attention. 

‘I was surprised by this as we seldom receive calls for service from this business. This is a rare exception,’ Sheriff Todd Nehls told the Portage Daily Register.


I swear I don’t make all these stories up about women, people. Chicks really are this crazy. The craziest part isn’t that they’re strippers, or perhaps that one is still working while pregnant. I mean, that is bad enough. No, the craziest part is that they fought over a dollar. Fuckin’ four quarters. Ten dimes. Twenty nickels. A hundred pennies. A fuckin’ double cheeseburger. A small fry. Two apple pies. Pick either one. That’s what these bitches brawled over. Now their citation carries a $250 fine. A $250 fine for fighting over a dollar. Still doesn’t sound crazy?

I’m not going to say I don’t care about a dollar. I do. Its not like a penny or a nickel where I’ll walk by it on the street without thinking twice. No I’ll pick it up. But I won’t fight someone, get arrested, or even get a ticket over it. I could be some bum on the streets and I’ll just look at the other dude and be like, na, you obviously need it more than me. These chicks at Silk Exotic are obviously not compensated that well if this is their reaction to a buck. I’d hate to hear or read about what the two strippers would do if a hundred were thrown in between the two. It’d probably be like dropping a penny between two jews, a child between Michael Jackson and a priest, or a Budweiser between two rednecks. Complete chaos.



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