Wes Welker’s Wife, Anna Burns Welker, Wants Everyone To Know That She Hates Ray Lewis For Having 6 Kids, 4 Wives And Being Acquitted Of Murder

Daily Mail – The wife of New England Patriots star wide receiver, Wes Welker, went on a rant following her husband’s loss, criticizing Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis’ personal life and calling attention to his criminal history.

‘Proud of my husband and the Pats,’ Anna Burns Welker, a former Miss Hooters, began her message, following the Patriots’ 28-13 defeat by the Ravens.

But she quickly added, ‘ By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay! What a hall of fame player! A true role model!’

On Welker’s wife Facebook message, which was obtained by The Big Lead, she refers to the 2000 homicide when Lewis was charged with murder following a stabbing at a post Super Bowl party.

The Facebook message isn’t the first time that a Patriot wife has lost her cool after a crushing playoff loss. Ironically, after last year’s Super Bowl defeat to the New York Giants, quarterback Tom Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, criticized Welker for failing to make a catch that would have sealed a victory.

“You [need] to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” she was overheard saying immediately after that 21-17 loss. “My husband cannot [expletive] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”


And this is why chicks talking sports pisses me off. All I’ve heard for a week now are all these “championship fans” around New England talk about how Ray Lewis is a murder this, Ray Lewis is a murder that. No one wants to realize that the man was indicted of murder charges but was never found guilty. No matter what the details are. The man was found to have never murdered people. Case close. Move on. Stop being disgruntled because you hate the Baltimore Ravens. And how quick these “fans” are to completely ignore the fact that their own player, Aquib Talib was indicted on gun charges of shooting his sister’s boyfriend earlier in 2012. That’s basically attempted murder, or assault with a deadly weapon. Take your pick. Fans don’t bring that up though. Nope. Let’s just bash the opposition for being equally as offensive as human beings.

Then to bash the man for having 6 children and 4 wives. I guess the law where you’re only allowed a certain amount of children and wives was never mentioned to me. People like Octomom, and The Duggars should be ashamed with themselves for having so many children. Barbara Walter (married 4 times), Elizabeth Taylor (8 times), Frank Sinatra (4 times), Larry King (7 times), and Marilyn Monroe (3 times) should all be prosecuted and ripped for the same thing. I mean they’ve all committed this horrendous act. If 6 children and 4 wives are too many, then how many is alright? Are you only allowed to be married once? Only allowed 2 children? Because if that’s the case then I know a lot of shitty scumbag people. Basically all of America since divorce rates are above 51 percent nowadays.

Keep your comments to yourself, sweetheart. Realize that your husband dropped an easy first down that resulted in a punt inside opponent’s territory, Brady refused to run for a 4-yard first down, the defense is atrocious, and Ray Lewis is the epitome of a hall of fame player. His career puts a majorities to shame. He is the ultimate leader of men. A guy I’d welcome on my team 11 out of 10 times without even thinking about it. He came back from an injury that should have ended his season, but instead he’s leading his team in tackles each game and on his way to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII.

Enjoy your Super Bowl party at home with all your friends and family!


9 thoughts on “Wes Welker’s Wife, Anna Burns Welker, Wants Everyone To Know That She Hates Ray Lewis For Having 6 Kids, 4 Wives And Being Acquitted Of Murder

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  3. Nothing personal towards them, but I don’t want ANY of the football players to be role models for my Son or anyone I care about. All I want to do is watch football when I want to watch football. Same thing my son wants. People always complicate things, turning it into something it was never intended to be, and them making a big deal out of it as if would’ve been a factor in creating the thing. IF football because a primary house for the wretched, then wretched would be done away with, even if in the form of creating another league. Its what people do. Create.

    If football is too seedy for the faint heart-ed, we can always rely on policing organizations to slap a rating on it and tell us whats appropriate. Maybe then people will realize that they need to go after some of these networks/companies about the erectile dysfunction commercials they keep exposing my kid to.

    Rip yourselves away and go PLAY football with your kid instead…

    Role Models indeed…

  4. can’t believe her ,when we where in school jimmy, randy, and myself use to bang this chick 2 and 1 time 3 at a time this was just a few years ago,so for her to come out with some sore LOSER punk patriot rant when we all know shes to stupid to know anything more than how to squirt a little ,she had to be listing to her cry baby hand picked going to a new team hubby ………..

  5. Can you please ask Anna Burns Welker if her husband Wes Welker enjoys the company of his teammate New England Patriot player DONTE STALLWORTH? DONTE STALLWORTH plead guilty to killing a man when he plead guilty to DUI MANSLAUGHTER! Ray Lewis was never found guilty of hurting anyone.

    • That is a STUPID argument, because Donte Stallworth isn’t this celebrated “role model” he’s just a teammate, so STFU about Donte. Ray Lewis is seen as this great “God-fearing role model” when he DID kill someone, he just paid the family off, that’s why he was never found guilty. He was actually never married, 4 baby mamas and 6 children. She’s actually pretty right on! I know I wouldn’t want my children to model themselves after him.

      • Following a Super Bowl XXXIV party in Atlanta on January 31, 2000, a fight broke out between Lewis and his companions and another group of people, resulting in the stabbing deaths of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar. Lewis and two companions, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting, were questioned by Atlanta police, and 11 days later the three men were indicted on murder and aggravated-assault charges. The white suit Lewis was wearing the night of the killings has never been found. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard alleged the blood-stained suit was dumped in a garbage bin outside a fast food restaurant.[37]

        Lewis’ attorneys, Don Samuel and Ed Garland, of the Atlanta law firm Garland, Samuel & Loeb, negotiated a plea agreement with Howard, where the murder charges against Lewis were dismissed in exchange for his testimony against Oakley and Sweeting,[38] and his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.[12] Lewis admitted he gave a misleading statement to police on the morning after the killings. Superior Court Judge Alice D. Bonner sentenced Lewis to 12 months’ probation, the maximum sentence for a first-time offender,[39] and he was fined $250,000 by the NFL, which was believed to be the highest fine levied against an NFL player for an infraction not involving substance abuse.[40] Under the terms of the sentence, Lewis could not use drugs or alcohol during the duration of the probation.

        Oakley and Sweeting were acquitted of the charges in June 2000.[41][42] No other suspects have ever been arrested for the crime.


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