James Deen Says He Couldn’t Date Lindsay Lohan Because She’s Too Famous And They Have Nothing In Common

Huff Post – Lohan, who plays the lead role of Tara in the film directed by Paul Schrader, has had her share of hard times on set. She was fired and rehired for being a no-show, had a falling out with Schrader, and took issue with the graphic nature of the sex scenesaccording to The New York Times.

James Deen painted a different picture of Lohan.

“I thought she was great to work with, I never had any issues with Lindsay,” Deen said. “But I don’t have to deal with the Hollywood bullsh-t aspect of the film … I enjoyed her on a personal level.”

There’s a stereotype in the adult entertainment world that porn stars tend to date rock stars, A-list celebs and those with extravagant lifestyles. With that in mind, could Deen see himself with Lohan?

“Let’s say, hypothetically we wanted to date after filming — which was not the case — she, as a person, was great,” Deen said. “But we don’t like to do the same things. My idea of a good Friday night is sitting on the couch with my buddies. Lindsay can’t even go to Starbucks. She’s so famous that she literally cannot just go out. She has to be snuck in through a secret passage so the paparazzi don’t get to her … That would stop us from being a successful couple, nothing else.”


Ok, bro. Nothing would stop you from dating Lindsay Lohan besides the fact that she’s real famous and well known by paparazzi? Not the alcoholism. Not the drug addiction. Not the psycho behavior? I know I dig crazy, but even Lindsay is too crazy for me. I could probably deal, actually I know I could deal with her personality, but add on her addictions and Im just a man who gets bombarded and overwhelmed.

She’d be doing lines in front of me, cussing me out, then trying to get sexual. My head would spin 360 degrees every night. Then she’d mix in alcohol and I’d probably get verbally and physically abused on the regular. She’d complain of my sarcastic ways. How I disrespect her. How I don’t show her enough attention or love her like I did when we first started dating. I have enough of that going with non-alcoholic/drug addicts. That would just intensify the affects and risk my life, which is already risky enough as it is.

Let’s be honest, James. None of us guys pick chicks based on things we have in common with them. If that were the case I’d be dating chicks who loved watching ESPN and playing golf, not girls who hate sports. And STL would be dating atheists. We pick chicks who look good naked and we want to fuck. Over and over again. Girls who we don’t mind showing off to the world. That’s our fuckin’ problem.


You know how we have man cards?.. Woman Cards…


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