Chick Sets Women Back 100 Years By Falling And Getting Stuck Between A Parking Garage And An Apartment

ABC News – Oregon firefighters have rescued a woman who was trapped between a very narrow space created by the outside walls of two buildings.

The unidentified woman fell between the parking garage of the Gretchen Kafoury Commons apartment building and the Joyce Furman building in Portland around 3:45 a.m. PST, firefighters told ABC News’ Portland affiliate KATU.

Firefighters cut a door-size opening in one of the concrete walls and used lubricant to help her slide out from where she was stuck.

Relief cuts were made in the walls and airbags were wedged between the walls in an effort to spread the walls out as much as possible.

The woman’s plaid shirt was cut off, leaving her with only a turqoise t-shirt. When she finally managed to squeeze out of the space, the woman looked relieved and pumped her arms in the air.


So this is God’s way of proving to me he’s real, and that he has an excellent sense of humor. Only logical reason, right? I mean, if someone told you that a woman fell between a parking garage and an apartment building, got stuck, and had to be rescued by firefighters you’d- first laugh, and then you’d laugh them in the eye and be like, “come on, bro. what really happened?” She was so thrilled to be saved though. Like somebody had captured her and now she was free to go. The reporter was real sold on the story too. “Just because they got that doorway cut doesnt mean this is going to be an easy extrication to get her out of this very narrow space so their still trying to figure out how to exactly do that.” … “Ah, I can just tell you that I can see her, yeah here she comes . She was actually pushing and bracing her hand trying to help herself out. Trying to push on the edge of that doorway they made trying to help push herself out. Ya, you know, give herself some leverage and it looks ike we’re just waiting for a bit of.. uhht, she’s out.” Cant fake that kind of enthusiasm.

This is what gaps equality between men and women. You know no dude is ever falling in between that space because we’re never get close enough to that space for it to happen. What were you doing hovering near the side of the parking garage? Its not that hard to maneuver around. I do it once a month. You start by driving into the parking garage, you take a ticket, you park your car, you walk from your car to the door, then from there you walk outside and to your destination. Then after that you walk from said destination back to the parking garage door, back to your car, you start your car, and then you drive out of the parking garage upon paying the parking garage attendee. What you dont do is drive into the parking garage, park your car, get out of your car, and then tightrope your way along the barrier until you fall in between the wall of the garage and an apartment resulting in you needing to be rescued by and making headline news.



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