Jerzy Janowicz Yells A Bunch Of Misunderstood English At Line Judge After He Disagrees With Call

For a 2 minute clip of a man freaking out all I could understand from his mumble jumble language was “How many times”, “Oh my God”, and “Tell me.” Maybe he meant, “Oh my God. Tell me how many times.” Kind of reminds me of the clip in How High when Redman hears “Stop”, “No”, and “Dont” but understands it as “No, dont stop.”

I’ll give Jerz this though, the call was atrocious. Ball wasnt even close to being in. I can tell that and I dont even know the exact rules of tennis besides keep the yellow ball inside the smaller lined rectangle box for singles, and the larger lined rectangle box for doubles. The rest is just whacking and grunting. That parts only cool when it involves Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, and Anna Kournikova.

Keep the fiery determination going though, Jerzy. No one can understand what the hell youre saying, but you have a mean backhand, forehand and attitude or sure.



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