Girl Scout Cookies Add A Healthier Alternative To Their Fund-Raising Tool

Yahoo! Shine – Girl Scouts, an organization that boasts the world’s three best fund-raising tools (Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs) recently introduced its latest treat: Mango Crèmes with NutriFusion™. Note the TM. That’s where the problems begin.

In an attempt to give Girl Scout cookies a healthy makeover, ABC Bakers–Girl Scout’s official pastry think tank–concocted a “tropical-inspired” sandwich cookie doused in vitamins. Make that vitamin product. Critics are crying foul over the new cookie’s added nutritional element: NutriFusion. Not only is that the name of an ingredient, it’s the name of a company behind a “scientific process that…when added to foods and beverages, supercharges their nutritional value,” so says the company website.

“NutriFusion is the latest in manufacturers’ attempts at making junk food healthier,” Jason Boehm, a board certified nutritionist, tells Yahoo Shine. “Fortify it with nutrients, throw in fiber, sweeten it with a so-called healthier sweetener, but a cookie is still a cookie, period.”

Boehm joins a chorus of criticism over Girl Scout cookies’ new “healthier” product. 

On the surface, Mango Crèmes take their cue from the Oreo: two biscuits sealed by icing. These Girl Scout biscuits, however, are coconut flavored and the icing is supposed to resemble a mango, making them appear like a healthy-fruity delight.

The last thing Im thinking about when reaching for a cookie is how healthy it is. Im skinny as fuck, I have doctors on my ass to gain weight and Girl Scout is trying to do a healthy makeover by creating a tropical inspired cookie with NutriFusion. I dont even know what the fuck NutriFusion is but I know I dont want it in any of my foods. Sounds like some shit you mix in, or sprinkle on your tasty fattening foods so that it kills the tasty fattening part of said foods. Like anti-sugar. Might as well make the cookies with Sensa so people will only eat 5 cookies before they get full and not the whole box.

Sandra would be disgusted and would never allow this in my household. Shes too busy calling doctors for this ScandiCal powder mix that has 35 calories per teaspoon so that she can add 3 pounds to each dinner plate and milkshake I consume. Fat people, y’all got it easy. I can eat McDonald’s for days, lard by the tub and I cant gain a pound. I was basically an alcoholic throughout college and I lost weight. My life is like a backwards life. Up is down and right is wrong.

Its either Thin Mints, Samoas, or Tagalongs for me. And since I dont do mints or coconut, its Tagalongs all day. Chocolate and peanut butter. A fuckin’ Reese’s cookie.



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