Rednecks Are A Species Of Their Own… A Lesser Species

This is how all rednecks view themselves…

(Good luck understanding the dude in the blue at the end)


This is how I view rednecks…


I dont know what it is about them but I can never take a redneck seriously. From their shitty ass ascents, to their shit kickers, to their Dickies, to their dumb ass mudding.. it just drives me crazy. Like Lindsay Lohan crazy. Fuckin’ crazier than the naked man who walked into Walmart to steal socks.

These are the same people who find playing with a bug zapper to be fun, or eating squirrels to be a delicacy, or Walmart to be high fashion. They love to go camping in the woods and still think farming is the ideal occupation in the year 2013. They basically own the show Cops because theyre featured in every episode. You get them a Tractor Supply gift card for Christmas and they erupt like they just won the lottery, texting all their closest buddies from their Casio G’Zone Boulder.

Im not gonna lie though, watched an episode of Buckwild and laughed my ass off for a good 30 minutes. Basically the south’s version of Jersey Shore. Rednecks are straight up entertainment if anything. Its kind of like in the medieval days when royalty used to hire poor people as entertainment, or nowadays when you watch America’s Funniest Home Videos- they’re our entertainment. But dont get me wrong, I wont be a weekly watcher. I have too many teeth for that.


One thought on “Rednecks Are A Species Of Their Own… A Lesser Species

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