Pete Carroll Says Refs Told Him Practice Kicks Weren’t Allowed

Pro Football Talk – Falcons kicker Matt Bryant Norwooded a 49-yard field goal attempt that came after a timeout was called at the end of Sunday’s NFC playoff thriller, and FOX cameras promptly showed an incredulous Seahawks coach Pete Carroll apparently arguing to an official that the Seahawks didn’t call the timeout.

Eventually, FOX showed a replay of Carroll calling the last second timeout.

And so it is that Carroll has become the latest coach to wait as late as possible to ice the kicker, and to have the kicker miss the kick. And make the Mulligan.

As it turns out, Carroll was upset not because he was trying to disavow the timeout after clearly calling it. Carroll said during his post-game press conferencethat he was miffed because he had been told before the game that, under those circumstances, the kicker would not be allowed to kick the ball.

It’s common for coaches to talk to officials before a game about things that will or may happen during the game. Most notably, Saints coach Sean Payton gave the crew a head’s up before Super Bowl XLIV that he was planning a surprise onside kick. Carroll explained that this oddly specific topic came up on Sunday because Ravens kicker Justin Tucker apparently finagled a practice kick between overtimes on Saturday night.

But what did Carroll expect the officials to do, physically block the Falcons from kicking the ball? Throw a flag for delay of game? Carroll admitted that the officials didn’t know what they would do if someone took the practice kick.

You know what shouldnt be allowed, Pete? You losing me money because I took the Seahawks straight up. Yeah, yeah tell me how dumb I am. “Oh, Sports Reporter, gambling is horrible.” “Thats what you get for participating in such an activity.” “You should be ashamed.” “Picking against Atlanta at home is dumb as shit.” Say what you want but I was 31 seconds from basking in the glory of an outstanding pick. Laughing at all the Atlanta picks. Just talking the talk and walking the walk. Dont worry about the fact that I’d already lost my parlay due to Denver not covering. Thanks, Champ.

What really sent me over the top- basically dude’s version of stage 5 chick on her period was the fact that I fuckin’ hate Matt Ryan. Think its due to his face, but Im not yet sure. Dude just oozes hate to me. Kind of reminds me of the kid in school who wanted to be everyones friend but wasnt good at anything so he had nothing to talk to about. Until one day the football team’s top players saw him throwing a football through a tire swing in his backyard and asked in to throw a 15 yard out to Dominique. He nailed it and the next day coach was asking him to join. Finally he could be friends with all the black kids. But then he went to Boston College were its a majority of white people, lost all his street cred. Finally Atlanta drafted him, he was ecstatic. But when he got there no one liked him so he cried and moped around the city. Sucked in every game. Couldnt throw for 200 yards in the playoffs. And once scored 0 points against the New York Giants. That was until they got another black guy named Julio to make him better.



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