Grade A Prime – Celeste Beryl Bonin

Her government name is Celeste Beryl Bonin, but shes better known as WWE Diva Kaitlyn. I see her every Monday and Friday night on TV although it wasnt until a few weeks back that I truly began to notice her. Shes constantly wearing tight, tight pants as wrestling attire and she tries to mix in tops that’ll hold her tits in. Good thing for me, this monday night she decided to wear a cut up t-shirt that read “Everything’s Bigger In Texas” and it couldnt hold her boobage. She wrestled for two-thirds of the match with one tit hanging out only covered by her bra. I know what youre thinking, a bra is no different that a bathing suit top- and youre right. But theres just something mysterious and creepily exciting when you see a bra versus a bathing suit top. Almost like youre getting away with something.

Now, yes, she has more muscle than me. She could probably bench press me during sex. Definitely choke me out. However that doesnt bother me. If given that opportunity Im letting her press me and choke me. Put me in any kind of submission that you’d like. Im game for it anything. I’ll enjoying every second of it. I’ll scream “Oh, Celeste! Oh Celeste” like its going out of style. She has that porn star quality look about her. The look that just tells you shes a good fuck.



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