Doctors Say, “Whoops, You Don’t Have Cancer” After 60-Year-Old Woman Goes Through 2-Years Of Radiation


The Local – “It’s extremely regrettable,” Lars-Göran Holtby, chief doctor at the Gävle Hospital, told the local Arbetarbladet newspaper.

The woman, who is in her sixties, had previously battled breast cancer and after complaining of back pains, doctors feared the cancer had spread, as x-rays indicated she had tumours in her liver and other vital organs.

A rigourous treatment programme was started, including chemotherapy, radiation, and cortisone.

The treatment, which continued for two years, caused a number of debilitating side effects, including brittle bones and compressed vertebrae.

Doctors also discovered the treatment had damaged parts of the woman’s brain, reducing her dexterity and her ability to control her hands, the newspaper reported.

A subsequent examination revealed that doctors had been wrong in diagnosing the woman with cancer, realizing that what they had seen on the x-rays two years prior weren’t actually tumours.

However, the unnecessary treatment has left the woman with permanent injuries, prompting the hospital to file a report with the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

“We’re very sorry for this and wish it could be undone,” Holtby told Arbertarbladet.


I’d have to say if I couldnt become a meteorologist my second choice would be a doctor. Yeah, I know its a lot of schooling but other than that its reading medical journals and guessing. And when youre wrong you just look them in the eyes and say, “thats science for yeah, sorry.” They’ll let you burn up from fevers for 8 years telling you its a medical mystery about whats going on. Then they’ll run a cat-scan, the same cat-scan that you’ve been asking for for years and the cat-scan will show infected abscesses throughout your lungs- something they told you could never happen. Or they’ll be in disbelief that its your sinuses that are infected throughout, while another doctor will sit and tell you that this is a very common thing and that he’s seen it many times. Or in this chicks case they’ll diagnose you with cancer, treat you for cancer, and basically kill you from the all radiation because you really dont have cancer. But hey, they’ll tell you “It’s extremely regrettable. We’re very sorry for this and wish it could be undone.” Well as long as youre sorry and wish you could have done better I guess I can die happily now. Looks like Dr. Claw or Dr. Octopus arent such bad alternatives right about now.



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