Chicago Pays $22.5 Million To Woman Who Was Released Into A High Crime Area Instead Of Being Taken To Mental Hospital And Subsequently Was Gang Raped And Plummeted Out Of A Seven Story Window

Daily Mail – The city of Chicago agreed today to pay a record $22.5 million to a woman who was released from police custody in 2006 and instead of being taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, she was released into a high crime area where she was gang raped and plummeted seven stories.

Christina Eilman, was 21-years-old when the crime occurred and she suffered permanent brain damage from the fall and has needed constant medical care ever since.

Eilman, who is bipolar, was taken into police custody at Midway Airport after suffering a mental breakdown on her flight from California.

Rather than bring Eilman to a hospital, police released her after 29 hours in custody, despite her parents calling at least nine times to warn them about her mental health status and that she was having an episode.

Police later testified at a deposition hearing that she was visibly agitated and should have been taken to the hospital. Witnesses said she was throwing herself against the bars in her jail cell.

Eilman, a former UCLA student, was released near a housing project in a crime-ridden neighborhood on the city’s notorious South Side when she encountered the sex fiends who attacked her.

She was dressed in just short shorts, a cutoff top and boots and was without her cellphone.

After being gang raped at knifepoint, she either fell or was pushed from a seven-story window, she

Her family had been seeking as much as $100 million in damages for pain and suffering and to cover Eilman’s never-ending medical bills.


Im gonna very honest here and say Im about to say some things most people wouldnt think.

How the fuck do these parents win $22.5 million? And what the fuck is up with the parents looking to get $100 mill? Medical bills, bro? Dont come at me with medical bills. I have never ending medical bills. Thats what health insurance is for. That shit will get covered. Guarantee it.

Now to get real cruel. Im not gonna say she had it coming to her, because no one deserves to be raped or sexually assaulted, but walking around dressed in short shorts and a cutoff top in South Side Chicago isnt the smartest idea. Living anywhere near South Side Chicago isnt the smartest idea. If Im a chick Im staying so far away from there. So so far. The fact that she lives near there just proves mentally illness. Also, if her parents were pleading for her to get locked up in a mental institution because she was unstable then why werent they there to pick her up when the cops decided to release her? Why werent they waiting with an ambulance if they knew she really needed it? My mom would have been there so fast with a pack of ambulatory crew that my head would have spun. It would have been the biggest sting set up to bring someone into the hospital that news reporters would have been there to videotape it.

And dont come at me with “oh, if the cops had listened to the girls parents she wouldnt have had to walk, wouldnt have been raped and wouldnt have jumped/been pushed out of a 7-story window. No. I aint tryna hear that. If her parents hadnt been there to pick her up or had called an ambulance for her to be taken to the hospital she wouldnt have had to walk, therefore wouldnt have been rape, therefore wouldnt have jumped/been pushed out of a 7-story window. Yeah, the cops thought it wasnt necessary, but you knew it was and did nothing about it.

Now we have two slack parents collecting $22.5 mill to spend on themselves as their daughter sits as a vegetable while the state pays her medical bills. Because thats whats gonna happen. This wasnt the city of Chicago’s fault. This would be like your significant other suing your place of employment for letting you get out of work early, because the family told them they couldnt afford for you to not get paid, and on the way home you get mugged and raped and end up hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Fact is, its not the cities fault or the place of employment’s. If the chick was let loose, shes gonna go walking home. If youre let loose from work for the day, youre gonna go home. Facts of life. Its an unfortunate event that took place, but theres no clear cut responsible party for her rape and injuries besides the men who acted in a heinous way. You want to sue someone, sue them. Theyre the ones who hurt your daughter and ruined her life. But then again, youre not gonna get $22.5 mill from some average rapist murderer.



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