California Basketball Coach Arrested For Zip Tying Players Hands And Feet, And Making Them Stand In The Corner

Yahoo! Sports – A disturbing incident has raised questions about an international boarding school in California where high school basketball players were reportedly given cruel, abusive punishments that local police have called “sadistic.”

As reported by Sacramento Fox affiliate WTXL, four student athletes at Roseville (Calif.) CCSE Preparatory School came forward to police to allege that their coach had abused them during workouts.

After an investigation, 24-year-old CCSE basketball coach Francis Ngissah was arrested on suspicion of child abuse involving cruel corporal punishment and willful cruelty, battery and false imprisonment, all related to how he treated his student athletes in practices.

“They were punished, and had to stand in the corner for an extended period of time, with their hands and feet bound by zip-ties,” Roseville Police Sergeant Derin DeFreece told WTXL. “They also had clothes pins attached to their nipples.

“[It may not have been sexually related because] it seems more sadistic to us.”


Kids are so sensitive nowadays. Cant make them run extra laps for disobeying orders. Cant put them in timeout for not listening. Cant spank them. Cant ground them. Now you cant zip-tie them up and make them stand in the corner. Come one, guys chill out a bit. Coach Ngissah was just teaching you a bit of discipline. Kind of like military style. How they make you go to bed at a certain time, wake up at a certain time, tell you when and what to eat, and make you clean floors with a toothbrush. Truthfully, I’d die if I had to join the military. They’d literally kill me. So maybe I’m extremely sensitive like these kids. Maybe I couldnt take being zip-tied and having to stand in the corner. Thankfully I’ll never have to know because I’m too stubborn to ever let someone do that to me. And it has nothing to do with my body size or my muscular stature, it has everything to do with my language, attitude and the mouth that was given to me from my mother’s side of the family. Being Irish is a bitch.

PS, The police can get the fuck out of here with “it may not have bee sexually related…” The fact that he attached clothes pins to their nipples makes it 100% sexually related. Thats some kinky BDSM type shit right there.


One thought on “California Basketball Coach Arrested For Zip Tying Players Hands And Feet, And Making Them Stand In The Corner

  1. You can GTF outta here with your ignorant statements. There’s something called “Criminal Law” that you might want to research before you open your filthy sewer. And admitting to the world that you find clothes pinning nipples sexually arousing is indicative of your own sexual “kinky BDSM type shit”. Explain why it’s arousing to you, what BDSM means, and why you feel the need to mention your body size and muscularity, or lack there of. I do agree with you that yes, you definately would have DIED in our military. In fact, I’m pretty certain that if you didn’t just keel over during PT or curl up in a fetal position with thumb-in-pie hole, your own plattoon would have done the job for you.


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